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ahiru 2019-01-30 06:20:17
exclusive channel achanbye
DEADLY-K2001 2019-01-30 06:20:58
ahiru 2019-01-30 06:21:12
DEADLY-K2001 2019-01-30 06:21:18
adthrawn 2019-01-30 06:21:22
I see it now, but I think Permissions not set up
LJL 2019-01-30 06:21:25
ahiru 2019-01-30 06:22:08
I think it is now
missed a few things
adthrawn 2019-01-30 06:22:32
I'm still here
ahiru 2019-01-30 06:22:41
and it's good
you have Touring role now
adthrawn 2019-01-30 06:23:08
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 06:37:50
achanstare I am here.
adthrawn 2019-01-30 06:41:02
wouldn't be ironic if it was just the same people here as there yukaoming
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 06:41:28
adthrawn 2019-01-30 06:41:59
but I think there are some other people here that mentioned going to the tour so
here's an important question
what do we call each other in irl
by our handles?
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 06:43:36
Names... Please. Unless two people have the same name. I know it's easy for me to say this though
adthrawn 2019-01-30 06:43:54
Michael is a very common nameachanawkward
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 06:44:08
We'll see. kashieyes
ahiru 2019-01-30 08:48:46
I think we're gonna open this channel
just wait a bit more
kitkatkitty 2019-01-30 10:32:28
noki 2019-01-30 10:32:51
hello achanawkward
adthrawn 2019-01-30 11:29:22
which shows are you going to
kitkatkitty 2019-01-30 11:51:10
Chicago. :3
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 11:53:33
Me too
adthrawn 2019-01-30 12:00:58
can I say without people thinking I'm flexing
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 12:01:17
I think so
adthrawn 2019-01-30 12:01:44
NYC, Dallas, LA
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 12:02:05
NYC, Toronto, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle kashiblep
adthrawn 2019-01-30 12:02:40
what's up with parties? there is a new York one, anything about the others?
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 12:02:49
I haven't seen much else so far.
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:42:17
please do karaoke parties
it's really important
and please
please do organize an after concert singing
it's tradition
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 12:42:43
No one wants to hear me sing again, not after the voice chat incident
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:43:15
after the concerts, you guys should sing a song chosen by you to the girls
that way they'll use the microphone behind the stage and say "thank you" in tears
you guys need a leader for each concert attendance
kaas 2019-01-30 12:44:48
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:45:08
that leader will print the lyrics of a song chosen by all of you
then a small group should deliver the prints on the concert line before it begins (edited)
adthrawn 2019-01-30 12:45:43
some Japanese fan will probably do that
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:45:54
adthrawn 2019-01-30 12:46:01
hopefully they don't pick a song like last time no one knew
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:46:13
how come
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 12:46:17
fucking do the best thing, its in English
well, the chorus
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:46:40
I never learned the lyrics of any of their songs up to this date achanawkward
adthrawn 2019-01-30 12:46:46
they did Hurly burly party NYC iirc, not enough people knew it
they just sang cosmic explorer with the PA system
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 12:47:00
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:47:03
fushigi na tasty
mysterious taste achanbye
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 12:47:23
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:47:56
on my turn they sang that last song on level3 album that I forgot the name
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 12:48:33
adthrawn 2019-01-30 12:48:42
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 12:48:47
oh, shit, of course.
adthrawn 2019-01-30 12:48:51
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 12:48:56
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:49:01
but the real thing is the final part of the lyrics
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 12:49:11
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:49:14
"come again, come agaaaaaain"
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 12:49:14
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:49:17
I got traumatized for many years after that incident
I fled everything after the concert and rushed to the store to buy all merchs
then I heard from behind "thank you"
I looked back and felt da pain
after so much training of those lyrics
@kaas can I bite you?
kaas 2019-01-30 12:52:52
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:52:59
no? ok
kaas 2019-01-30 12:53:08
Please no attack
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:53:29
don't worry, I will put you into the fridge
kaas 2019-01-30 12:55:15
ahiru 2019-01-30 12:55:33
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-01-30 13:15:26
Let’s do puppy love again
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 13:15:57
we'll do Nakata's best song in the last 5 years
Bokura no Network
adthrawn 2019-01-30 13:16:20
let's do daijobanai, but the sections have to harmonize
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 13:16:24
oh, of course.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-01-30 13:16:35
adthrawn 2019-01-30 13:17:04
Your Party Pooper - > snakz
ahiru 2019-01-30 13:17:04
do 575
and rap
adthrawn 2019-01-30 13:17:12
I can 575
I'll turn my ball cap sideways
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-01-30 13:17:54
I will sing night Flight
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 13:18:51
I will only sing Speed of Sound
ahiru 2019-01-30 13:19:17
underrated song
like, a lot
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 13:21:46
apparently a bunch of Chinese fans made this for the Shanghai show, god damn.
Grandolin 2019-01-30 13:23:09
That is too much effort for me
gyudon_nau 2019-01-30 13:24:56
They were in Shanghai 10 years ago?
The banner says something like "Welcome back! 10 years since you've been in Shanghai"
ahiru 2019-01-30 13:29:06
I wanted to meet the chinese community somehow
JordanKZ 2019-01-30 13:29:06
that was a decade ago? Man
ahiru 2019-01-30 13:29:22
do they have their own social medias?
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-01-30 13:51:11
adthrawn 2019-01-30 13:54:23
that's Chinese social media iirc
ahiru 2019-01-30 14:10:46
sad thing
they're even more hipsters than us
Di-metal 2019-01-30 14:12:20
I love Fragrance Twins, can not wait to see hnnnng
achanawkward 1
⁉ 1
adthrawn 2019-01-30 14:16:07
I need the Chinese to provide me daki
kevinflo 2019-01-30 17:22:42
chicago for me too. Flying in from Minneapolis 😄 😄 😄
oh I was scrolled to a weird place in the thread and thought I was at the end
Hanyuu 2019-01-31 07:21:52
Do we have discord meet for NYC or are people going to some bigger gathering?
adthrawn 2019-01-31 08:01:44
I think there is a party people on fb are planning but I don't have it so, I rely on others
gyudon_nau 2019-01-31 08:02:46
The FB meetup is the only one I know of so far
It's the night before the show
Hanyuu 2019-01-31 10:29:37
Link for this meet?
adthrawn 2019-01-31 12:02:21
@gyudon_nau ? if you look on the perfume fans facebook page, idk the name, its probably there
JordanKZ 2019-01-31 12:06:37
See posts, photos and more on Facebook.
There ya go
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-01-31 15:26:14
NY party gonna be lit
Di-metal 2019-01-31 16:13:31
Dallas party gonna be non-existent
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-01-31 16:48:50
you wouldnt go anyway
noki 2019-01-31 16:54:47
Seri 2019-02-01 07:55:05
Dallas gang joining in.
alchemily 2019-02-01 11:27:13
Going to the Chicago show!
kitkatkitty 2019-02-01 12:29:59
Chicago party!
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-01 14:27:33
chicago party gonna be lit too
alchemily 2019-02-01 14:35:30
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-01 14:35:51
manjupanju 2019-02-02 23:29:51
Anyone going to sj?
It's on a wednesday 😦
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-03 00:06:14
i might. unsure currently
kaas 2019-02-03 00:23:22
o/ i am
jpo 2019-02-07 01:21:36
Planning on Seattle, Chicago and San Jose. I also have two great tickets for Toronto to sell if anyone is interested.
ayaya_spin 1
Hanyuu 2019-02-07 10:04:25
FB party for NYC got rekt?
nocchiorly 3
JordanKZ 2019-02-07 12:12:50
It what?
Hanyuu 2019-02-07 12:29:02
The link is dead or I am doing something wrong.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-07 13:00:41
it should still be up
are you on fb
in the perfume group i mean
Hanyuu 2019-02-07 13:11:57
I think so.
JordanKZ 2019-02-07 13:13:01
seems good to me.
See posts, photos and more on Facebook.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-07 13:13:16
you should check if you're in the group since its a private event
Hanyuu 2019-02-07 13:24:57
Ok, I am not in the right group most likely. Is the group private too?
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-07 13:28:05
the group is closed but not private
Perfume Fans (J-pop)
when you join the event should be at the right side of the page
Seri 2019-02-07 16:23:17
We need a Dallas group.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-07 16:27:12
Dallas achanhappy
JordanKZ 2019-02-07 16:54:25
Dallas yukawave
ahiru 2019-02-07 17:18:41
is Dallas a food?
Hanyuu 2019-02-08 01:11:20
I got in. Thanks for the help.
Grandolin 2019-02-08 01:24:33
Dallas nocchisalute
🇫 3
🇩 3
🇦 3
kashieyes 1
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-08 16:00:43
nocchisalute no
JordanKZ 2019-02-10 18:04:45
Y'know that thing where, you get kinda nervous and excited about something, so you start kind of shaking because your nervous system is just firing off like crazy? Yeah, I watched WT3 BD, realised we'll be in that room doing basically the same things in like 50 days, and that started happening to me. And 50 days at this point feels like a heartbeat. I guess I don't actually get that excited about most things anymore. But I am beyond excited about this. (edited)
Grandolin 2019-02-10 18:05:55
This is my first time seeing them live
I hope I can handle it emotionally haha
JordanKZ 2019-02-10 18:06:09
same! And I've been a fan for like... 13 years.
Every London concert I couldn't get tickets for, so I felt like this was finally my chance to live out a dream.
noki 2019-02-10 18:06:43
why didn't you see them the last 13 years
fake fannocchitired
JordanKZ 2019-02-10 18:06:58
also, I used to live on a tiny island, and getting off said island was extremely expensive.
Grandolin 2019-02-10 18:07:07
JordanKZ 2019-02-10 18:07:20
so hey, Glasgow, y'know, mainland UK. Turns out, much cheaper to get to the US.
and also I have a vastly larger income these days.
so, that helps.
noki 2019-02-10 18:07:33
britain is a tiny island indeed nocchigrin
JordanKZ 2019-02-10 18:07:40
I guess this place also ramped up my fan-levels way higher, I never used to join forums that were Perfume related or anything.
Grandolin 2019-02-10 18:10:15
My friends all think I'm crazy obsessed
good to know there are other crazies
JordanKZ 2019-02-10 18:10:48
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-02-10 19:11:08
I'm not excited yet
MB once I smell their aura in the air
And by aura, I mean torrential sweat
👆🏽 1
achandisgust 2
nocchicry 3
Grandolin 2019-02-10 19:12:06
Mad Ice Tea 2019-02-10 20:44:15
I've gone on National Radio here and talked about them
nocchiwow 3
So I challenge anyone to beat that level of fandom
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-02-10 22:41:57
I prob can but I won't disclose
JordanKZ 2019-02-14 16:41:16
Sheet1 Username,New York - 30th March,Toronto - 2nd April,Chicago - 5th April,Dallas - 7th April,Seattle - 10th April,San Jose - 17th April,Los Angeles - 19th April,Notes,Rules JordanKZ,1 - Don't be a dick and mess around with random stuff, thank you! 2. - Name on the left, ...
Grandolin 2019-02-14 16:43:53
not sure if you intended to make it access on request only
but I requested access
JordanKZ 2019-02-14 16:44:01
oh balls.
hang on
achanyaoming (edited)
Grandolin 2019-02-14 16:45:02
View only
still can't edit
JordanKZ 2019-02-14 16:45:07
Grandolin 2019-02-14 16:45:08
JordanKZ 2019-02-14 16:45:32
@yas pls tho
yas 2019-02-14 16:47:43
Pinned a message.
JordanKZ 2019-02-14 16:47:46
Seri 2019-02-14 16:48:33
Grandolin 2019-02-14 16:49:19
oh yeah good call lol
Hanyuu 2019-02-22 00:34:15
Uh, now the nyc meet is dead for real?
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-22 04:04:14
I think so
No word on why they cancelled it
JordanKZ 2019-02-22 07:35:49
I posted on the wall, zero responses.
ahiru 2019-02-22 09:14:47
zero interest it seems
you guys should make a small meeting
if nobody is interested
JordanKZ 2019-02-22 09:16:25
I mean, a few us of are already meeting up in Dallas, New York, Toronto etc.
ahiru 2019-02-22 09:17:32
I see
Seri 2019-02-22 09:22:23
Dallas crew.
NeonEnigma 2019-02-22 09:25:11
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-22 11:16:25
NeonEnigma 2019-02-22 13:27:14
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-22 15:58:46
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-02-23 01:23:08
eh, wasnt the nyc being planned
ahiru 2019-02-23 16:42:15
5 Likes, 0 Comments - Ken (@phych1) on Instagram: “We'll be live streaming the 2nd FPLA pre-planning meeting today at 4pm! Join us at…”
apartyblob 3
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-23 16:49:59
i hope its some where good
no silly light up shirts like during CE
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-23 20:17:13
who here is going to the LA show
Seri 2019-02-24 19:38:49
So my home for Dallas might have ditched me. (edited)
Grandolin 2019-02-24 19:40:22
Seri 2019-02-24 19:51:47
Who wants to host me worst case.
Grandolin 2019-02-24 19:52:42
I would offer, but I'm already bumming off someone
and they're in Austin anyway
Seri 2019-02-24 19:55:53
I'll start looking at Airbnb's.
Hanyuu 2019-02-26 01:14:06
It is still alive
JordanKZ 2019-02-26 01:31:00
Nope, @Hanyuu. The event was cancelled. Too expensive to run.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-26 01:46:44
im sure they will figure something else out
Hanyuu 2019-02-26 02:08:25
Ah I looked the date wrong. Rip
I thought the message was from yesterday.
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-02-26 09:09:00
Too expensive to run? Just have ppl pay for their own thing
gyudon_nau 2019-02-26 09:11:01
It sounded like they had quite elaborate plans for it
Hopefully something smaller scale happens though
JordanKZ 2019-02-26 11:09:59
Here's hoping!
ahiru 2019-02-26 12:35:28
Patrick, the saxophonist
👁 👄 👁
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-26 13:12:31
I think they didn’t wanna charge people a huge amount
JordanKZ 2019-02-26 13:17:52
I'd pay $15 or something if it was decent.
ahiru 2019-02-26 14:11:43
you're so rich
Seri 2019-02-26 15:09:15
I'll charge you $15 for something decent. nocchigrin @JordanKZ
JordanKZ 2019-02-26 15:09:29
you're cheap.
Seri 2019-02-26 15:09:42
Only because I love you.
JordanKZ 2019-02-26 15:09:53
Seri 2019-02-26 15:10:02
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-26 15:31:35
theyre thinking of making something smaller
ill let you know
gyudon_nau 2019-02-26 16:00:13
NeonEnigma 2019-02-26 17:31:50
kashiwhat enabling prostitution
☆のっちの♪Macaron☆ 2019-02-26 17:33:41
Seri 2019-02-26 17:34:56
Hey, it's called escorting. @NeonEnigma
Completely different.
NeonEnigma 2019-02-26 17:35:19
achanscratch do you consent
Seri 2019-02-26 17:35:28
I do.
NeonEnigma 2019-02-26 17:36:24
and do you, @JordanKZ take seri to be your lawfully wedded wife?
JordanKZ 2019-02-26 17:44:48
What the fuck.
@Kanosis is the only one for me. achanwtf
Seri is my fun bit in Dallas. kashiblep
NeonEnigma 2019-02-26 18:09:01
achanohno we have a situation up here
Seri 2019-02-26 18:24:13
AksumkA 2019-02-26 19:25:44
I remember those j-music guys setup in a little place last tour. Hope they can do something similar this year.
Tho, was still fun hanging behind them in line
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-26 21:01:55
yeah that place was tiiiiiiiiny
Alex 2019-02-26 21:02:45
what's the status of LA?
sorry i'm pretty out of the loop
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-26 21:03:57
pre-party might be in the hotel of the venue. after party to be determined
if youre in the fb group theres a google form to sign for people interested. as there is a lanyard that comes with it
Alex 2019-02-26 21:04:54
Def interested. what's the link for the FB group?
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-02-26 21:05:45
its just Perfume fans(J-pop)
❤ 1
Seri 2019-02-28 06:17:36
I have a place to stayyyyyy
JordanKZ 2019-02-28 06:48:40
Grandolin 2019-02-28 12:52:34
Alex 2019-03-01 21:52:19
What's the best option for staying in LA? Airbnb?
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-01 22:03:17
hotels are expensive
area where the venue is expensive too
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-01 23:34:58
Just check for deals daily for flash sales
In general, I found hotels dirt cheap this way
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-01 23:52:53
oh thats true
Alex 2019-03-03 05:01:32
thank you
Phych 2019-03-05 20:29:14
Hey guys! We have a few things going on for Future Pop Los Angeles (FPLA)! First, we have our 3rd pre-planning meeting on March 9th, 2019 at 4:00pm. It'll be live streamed at and will have a live chat so you can join in on the discussions! We'll be talking about special encore, possible pre-party/gatherings, and the after party/lanyard survey. Speaking of surveys, second, we have a survey to find out how many people are interested in a lanyard that we designed (NOT OFFICIAL MERCH) and interest in having an after party. The survey is only to find out if people are interested right now and will help us with order estimates and finding appropriately sized venues for an after party. It's not an official order form or sign up form yet, but those that fill out the survey will be notified of the official order and sign up forms first. Third I created a website for information related to FPLA. This was built on top of the old COSMIC EXPLORER website I created and includes the info I mentioned above. Navigate via the menu on the top of the site. Currently, there's only info for FPLA because there doesn't seem to be anyone announcing plans on any of the major Perfume fan sites (reddit, Facebook, Perfume City forums).
nocchisalute 3
perfumedesu 3
Lastly, if you guys could forward this info anywhere and everywhere you can I'd appreciate it! I want to make sure anyone interested in any event has a chance to see this info and sign up for everything we're planning!
Phych 2019-03-05 20:55:44
Forgot to post the website:
Information and events for Perfume Fans attending Perfume concerts in North America
kevinflo 2019-03-07 21:26:08
got my plane tickets to chicago achansalute kashisalute nocchisalute
nocchisalute 3
kashiface 3
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-07 21:28:44
c u there
Seri 2019-03-07 22:32:58
Still don't have my ticket to Dallas oops
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-07 22:42:57
nocchikmn wtf
guess youre not going
Seri 2019-03-07 22:51:24
Why not?
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-08 00:50:08
idk cause i said so nocchisalute
JordanKZ 2019-03-08 01:28:58
achansalute Chicago boiz
achansalute 1
Grandolin 2019-03-08 02:36:13
One step ahead of Seri kashiface
got my plane ticket yesterday
Seri 2019-03-08 06:06:37
I actually have two plane tickets I have to buy. kashiupset
Jaxel 2019-03-08 06:42:41
What are you waiting for? dont those get more expensive the closer to the date it gets?
JordanKZ 2019-03-08 06:46:40
It does
Seri 2019-03-08 06:48:07
You say that but Dallas usually stays the same for me.
I've booked next day for same price.
JordanKZ 2019-03-08 07:01:37
Damn. I'm so used to being shafted on intentional prices.
To the point where booking in an incognito window can save you like 15%
Seri 2019-03-08 07:04:43
Wait what
Is that a thing?
JordanKZ 2019-03-08 07:05:38
Yeah. With some airlines, a check on a booking is the same as someone booking the flight. So if you go back and forth between different options, the prices can keep going up.
Seri 2019-03-08 07:06:03
JordanKZ 2019-03-08 07:06:24
Running incognito stops local cookies from being created and should provide the lowest price. Same with booking with a VPN, that can also be cheaper
Airlines are assholes, generally speaking.
Seri 2019-03-08 07:26:32
Good to know.
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-08 08:15:44
It depends tbh
Prices can change daily, but usually tends to go higher about 2-3 months out
Seri 2019-03-08 09:16:31
We in.
noki 2019-03-08 09:21:42
that signature tho
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-08 09:22:40
Family visit lol
Such a formal process for time off
Seri 2019-03-08 09:26:33
It's not wrong.
I am visiting family.
ahiru 2019-03-08 09:29:12
approved /////\\\\|||||----------
just to be sure
Seri 2019-03-08 09:43:36
Also featured is my terrible handwriting.
ahiru 2019-03-08 09:49:38
can I use that signature to make a million dollars check?
that reminds me of Blank Check movie kashithinking
Seri 2019-03-08 10:02:41
I mean, its not mine so do whatever you want.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-08 12:57:12
Family visit nocchigrin
NeonEnigma 2019-03-08 13:05:49
nocchisad alabama
Grandolin 2019-03-08 13:07:29
ughh less than a month
so excited
Phych 2019-03-08 13:36:47
I need more time!!
⏳ 1
JordanKZ 2019-03-08 14:02:08
> physical notices for anything
I mean, we sell HR and payroll software, so I guess we dogfood, obviously. nocchigrin
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-08 14:20:14
nocchikmn im not gonna buy anything from your criminal enterprise
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-08 19:00:09
if anyone here is going to the toronto show, the event is up in the Facebook page.
Phych 2019-03-08 19:17:28
Click here to register via Facebook FPTO’s pre-concert meetup will be held at KINKA IZAKAYA TORONTO (559 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Ontario) on Monday, April 1, 2019 at 8 PM EDT.
JordanKZ 2019-03-08 19:17:55
christ that's far from where I'm staying.
no, wait, I'm an idiot.
its like down the road.
nocchireally 1
450m nocchigrin
its 1am and I've been up like 19 hours nocchisad (edited)
achanbye 2
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-08 19:29:33
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-08 19:47:45
FYI, bathurst station was rated best beef patty shop too
JordanKZ 2019-03-08 19:49:00
luftwaffles, I realised I will be meeting you in real life.
Please don't be a mentalist.
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-08 20:02:36
its ok, i just wont tell you who i am
im more of a sociopath than a mentalist
JordanKZ 2019-03-08 20:04:38
you can't not be at the same event, and we've been on this server together, for months, and not at least say hi.
like "hi, I'm x"
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-08 20:10:32
I'd say hi
But you probably won't know it's me lol
Can't have preexisting views going in you know
JordanKZ 2019-03-08 20:11:26
"I'm luftwaffles." Done.
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-08 20:11:30
JordanKZ 2019-03-08 20:11:33
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-08 20:11:37
I'd probably deny it at first too
I'm sure you would be able to figure it out
Jaxel 2019-03-09 10:15:22
Looks like I might be seeing some of you in NYC according to the "I'm going list"
Phych 2019-03-09 10:18:41
We're live streaming WT4th Los Angeles pre planning meeting today at 4pm! Details at:
The next FPLA Pre-planning meeting will be held March 9th, 2019 at 4:00pm. To help us plan Future Pop Los Angeles events, we will be live streaming our pre-planning meetings at will be a live chat …
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-09 13:44:46
nocchigrin all set. see everyone there
Phych 2019-03-09 18:35:20
We're currently live for the FPLA Pre planning meeting!
Jaxel 2019-03-11 16:50:11
Has anyone gotten the idea of doing a queue numbering system? Have someone write numbers on people's hands with sharpies in the order that they line up so that people could leave the line for short periods of time(less than an hour) to eat or whatever and not have to worry about not being able to get their spot back in line. Maybe just the first hundred or so people, it's just up to people to honor it. We do it for Babymetal shows for VIP and GA and it works fine
ahiru 2019-03-11 16:51:50
do a data matrix temporary tattoo
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 16:53:04
In NYC, and Dallas, there will be a number of us. I doubt we'll all be standing in line together for the entire day. People will drop in and out, to secure placements in lines.
But, for NYC I'll be lining up pretty damn early.
Jaxel 2019-03-11 16:58:21
Same, a bit after midnight if its not too cold
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 16:58:34
wow, that is early. I was thinking about 4, 5am.
its March, it'll be real cold.
highs of like, 8c, lows of 1c this time of year.
Jaxel 2019-03-11 17:00:49
Its not looking too bad, the weather prediction only goes like 2 weeks
Phych 2019-03-11 17:01:10
Are there any fan events for NYC or Dallas? (eg. pre/after party, special encore, etc.)
Jaxel 2019-03-11 17:01:12
That's in celcius
I thing there is/was on Facebook but I'm not on there
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 17:02:13
@Phych there was an event lined up for NYC that fell through, but there's been talk since. I've heard basically dick all about Dallas.
But there's like... 5 or 6 people on here, at least, going to the Dallas show (edited)
Phych 2019-03-11 17:02:58
Ok. If you guys find anything out lemme know and I'll add it to the website.
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 17:03:07
Phych 2019-03-11 17:04:16
There was someone trying to get some sort of gathering organized after the other one failed for NYC, but I haven't gotten any updates.
Seri 2019-03-11 17:04:20
I thought us 6 were just eating.
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 17:04:24
eating what?
Seri 2019-03-11 17:04:36
That's up for discussion.
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 17:04:49
It is Dallas, I expect to be eating a revolver and half a cow.
Phych 2019-03-11 17:05:10
In your pick up truck
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 17:05:15
with the tailgate down.
Seri 2019-03-11 17:06:00
"You're pretty good."
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 17:06:28
Ocelot last moments before he died If you like it subscribe!
gyudon_nau 2019-03-11 17:28:08
There was a post in the Facebook group recently asking about a queueing system for ny
The op was willing to help run one
Jaxel 2019-03-11 17:41:52
I think I better join the Facebook group
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 18:07:13
I was thinking about 'cool WT moments' from the past that Perfume have done.
And I wonder if they'll do anything 'unique' for the US shows.
say what you want about SAMT, but this is a cool performance:
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-11 18:20:13
wait, arent all perfume concerts seated
Seri 2019-03-11 18:20:27
Not in the west.
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 18:21:02
some of the US ones are seated, but who the fuck sits at a Perfume concert?
who sits at a concert?
unless its like, classical or something.
Jaxel 2019-03-11 18:39:04
You gotta get on that dance floor
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-11 19:09:06
last time i lined up at 5pm the day before the concert and they handed out a deck of cards with numbers on them. for like the first 100 people after that it didnt really matter
tho for NY in specific there was a group of people who lined up 3 days early and told people they were doing that and they werent liked very well because they would leave to go to school or work so its like whats the point
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:22:53
that's not queuing
that's being an asshole
I'm British, I know what lining up is.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-11 19:23:08
it was weird.
like we legit didnt do anything about it either just sorta sat there angry lmfaoooo
the 2nd show tho we lined up immediately after the concert ended
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:24:00
Ahhh, socially awkward anger.
Some girl tried to push through at the Miku show, after I lined up for hours and hours.
and I was like "yo, this isn't how this works."
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-11 19:24:27
oh that happened in NY also lol
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:24:27
"I queued for hours."
and literally almost pushed her back, because she was forcing her way between a few of us.
she ended up backing down.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-11 19:24:53
yeah i know how that is
a JP fan did that to me
Seri 2019-03-11 19:25:11
Kyary was super bad.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-11 19:25:21
but i didnt really mind cause there was room and she asked for a photo of the two of us after so it was nice
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:25:48
I have a hard rule, unless I know you, and you're cool. No queue jumping.
its not fair to anyone
just turning up and expecting to cut, or push through
is an asshole move.
Seri 2019-03-11 19:27:06
Can I use you then? nocchigrin
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:27:18
Seri, you are clearly in that "Unless I know you, and you're cool" group.
Seri 2019-03-11 19:27:36
I mean, I know you but. I'm not cool.
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:27:44
I'll be the judge of that.
Seri 2019-03-11 19:27:44
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:27:47
Seri 2019-03-11 19:27:51
It's the beard isn't it?
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:27:57
it's the beard.
Seri 2019-03-11 19:28:49
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:28:53
I'm just jealous.
I can grow an amazing beard.
but I can't.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-11 19:29:27
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:29:45
here's my stages of beard: 1. Clean shaven 2. Stubble 3. Not allowed in parks and near children 4. Full on mujahideen
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-11 19:30:12
i am rushing to the railing in NY and if for some reason i get held up getting through the door hold a spot for me because it has happened multiples where my ticket wouldnt scan and i miss the railing
Seri 2019-03-11 19:30:12
I'm that 3rd one eventually.
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:30:46
I think Adthrawn has printed my ticket.
no, he got them printed, by the massively over priced ticket company..
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-11 19:32:09
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:32:09
so due to beard issues, I'm either at stage 1 or 2 the entire time.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-11 19:32:13
mines are all digital
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:32:21
all digital, all the time.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-11 19:32:38
i have them all stored in a nice place on my phone so that i dont miss a beat
Seri 2019-03-11 19:32:38
I got mine sent by Ticketfly.
JordanKZ 2019-03-11 19:35:52
I am planning on cutting off all my hair before I arrive though.
I haven't cut it in like a month, and I am hella bald.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-11 19:44:08
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-11 20:30:37
welcome to usa nibba gonna push my way through
its how i ended up in the vip section of tiffany young
kaas 2019-03-11 20:31:10
Wait people start wait from the day before?
Seri 2019-03-11 20:31:56
I'm gonna go it for Hikki when she comes.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-11 20:37:49
youre lucky toronto is seated. no way in hell im letting you push your way to the front if it was standing
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-11 21:01:56
man its all about the techniques
☆のっちの♪Macaron☆ 2019-03-11 21:02:38
@JordanKZ but i came from a shithole country let me jump the line
Ok not
Hanyuu 2019-03-12 02:16:48
Are you lining up mainly for the merch? We have dedicated placement based on tickets, at least in NY?
Nevertheless I could join you guys, if there is group going early.
JordanKZ 2019-03-12 03:06:17
@Hanyuu probably no time to buy merch, it'll be get in, and go to the front immediately.
Hanyuu 2019-03-12 03:13:04
So “the floor” has no dedicated seats/placement? People just pile on?
Seri 2019-03-12 06:31:35
JordanKZ 2019-03-12 08:56:08
noki 2019-03-12 10:41:18
NeonEnigma 2019-03-12 11:02:26
nocchikmn someone’s getting crushed
Jaxel 2019-03-12 11:33:01
Hope its not me again
Cant be worse than a metal concert (edited)
Seri 2019-03-12 11:33:48
I almost died at BM.
Jaxel 2019-03-12 11:35:18
Crowdsurfers nearly killed me at RotR, that and nearly being burried alive by people and nearly suffocating
Felt like as more crowdsurfers came near me people got more and more packed around me. So theres no way a perfume concert is gonna be worse than that
Seri 2019-03-12 12:13:26
I was in an actual venue so it was even worse.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-12 12:27:21
Grandolin 2019-03-12 12:32:54
woah now
JordanKZ 2019-03-12 12:34:09
He's right. kashieyes
Grandolin 2019-03-12 12:48:10
Seri 2019-03-12 13:18:33
Also I hope you know I'll try my best not to pose oddly in the group photo.
ahiru 2019-03-12 13:26:56
how can a cute girl like you to even look bad at a photo nocchigrin
Seri 2019-03-12 13:28:18
On purpose.
NeonEnigma 2019-03-12 13:36:35
quit the flattery
JordanKZ 2019-03-12 13:38:12
@Seri has magical hand powers.
Don't ask what they are.
Seri 2019-03-12 13:38:23
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-12 13:38:30
20 more tickets on sale for Toronto
JordanKZ 2019-03-12 13:38:37
I thought it sold out?
they added more?
are they standing or seated?
Seri 2019-03-12 13:39:05
I can't wait for Dallas to be just us. I'd be sad for Perfume but.
Grandolin 2019-03-12 13:39:53
Seri 2019-03-12 13:40:15
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-12 13:41:14
They added more
JordanKZ 2019-03-12 13:42:04
huh, I'm F20 for Toronto.
not my best seat, but I'll take it.
Grandolin 2019-03-12 13:42:24
confirmed, Jordan is a 20-year old female
but only when in Toronto
JordanKZ 2019-03-12 13:42:39
20/f/Toronto 😚
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-12 13:42:54
I rather F5 you
Grandolin 2019-03-12 13:43:25
JordanKZ 2019-03-12 13:48:29
refresh me?
🚰 2
Seri 2019-03-12 13:49:55
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-12 13:57:17
You don't lesnar
JordanKZ 2019-03-12 13:59:08
Clearly not.
Phych 2019-03-13 16:27:20
FPLA Updates: Macaroni has been chosen as FPLA's Special Encore The next preplanning meeting will be held April 6th, 2019 The lanyard survey will be expiring this Sunday March 15, 2019. A donation button has been added to all FPLA pages on the website if anyone would like to help out with funding materials and events. All info can be found at:
Welcome to the Future Pop Los Angeles (FPLA) Tour Webpage! More information can be found by navigating the menu at the top of the page! Information about FPLA events can be found on the FPLA Events…
JordanKZ 2019-03-13 16:29:19
thanks for your continued efforts for FPLA! kashiapple (edited)
achansalute 4
Jaxel 2019-03-13 23:43:26
Might not actually die of hypothermia in NYC, things could change in 2 weeks though.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-14 01:01:27
oh hell yeah
Seri 2019-03-14 08:10:13
Try being there in November.
This is nothing.
Jaxel 2019-03-14 12:36:27
Now the question is, will it rain?
ahiru 2019-03-14 12:42:47
rains in Brazil
noki 2019-03-14 12:47:13
venha ao Brasil
NeonEnigma 2019-03-14 12:48:20
nocchispaceout muera la brazil
Jaxel 2019-03-14 13:06:16
fuck i jinxed it, now its saying 40%-50% chance of rain on the 25th-28th
NeonEnigma 2019-03-14 13:09:15
thats what you get for being a gremlin
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-14 13:11:25
nocchithumbs I will drink the rain
I’m way in the back for Toronto lmfao
Cause I was like uhhhhh this sounds ok
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-14 13:26:08
You don't want to be near me I see nocchisad
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-14 13:44:32
I just bought it and didn’t even think twice
Jaxel 2019-03-14 20:15:19
achanbye 1
CoconutGun 1
HQexplosion 2
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-14 20:36:09
Seri 2019-03-14 20:39:34
Seri 2019-03-15 06:59:22
Guess who finally booked their flight oops.
JordanKZ 2019-03-15 07:30:35
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-15 08:18:02
To where
Seri 2019-03-15 09:00:51
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-15 13:16:20
noki 2019-03-15 13:26:03
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-15 13:27:26
nocchithumbs see you never
noki 2019-03-15 13:28:47
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-15 13:36:56
nocchisalute achansalute
Grandolin 2019-03-15 13:49:37
see you not never
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-15 13:55:59
nocchispaceout where
Grandolin 2019-03-15 14:01:06
Not you Snakz nocchicry
We Dallas'n
I wish I could afford to go to all the concerts and see all you lovely folk
Seri 2019-03-15 14:02:08
noki 2019-03-15 14:08:50
🔫 nocchidepressed
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-15 14:11:02
nocchikmn oh ok
no dallas for me
Grandolin 2019-03-15 14:11:34
JordanKZ 2019-03-15 14:35:05
RIP Dallas for Snakz???
nocchisad nocchisad nocchisad nocchisad
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-15 15:25:43
nocchisalute i was never going in the first place
JordanKZ 2019-03-15 15:26:41
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-15 15:26:46
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-16 00:13:33
@Phych info for the NY party is up
If you have not seen already
Phych 2019-03-16 00:51:47
@Snakz [Overcooked Legend] thanks for the heads up. I'll update the website as soon as I get home.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-16 00:52:49
nocchisalute achansalute kashisalute noccomrade yukamrade comradechan
Phych 2019-03-16 14:27:16
FPNY pages have been added to reflect the changes. Although I've created the pages, I won't be actively promoting them as my priority is FPLA. Please check the event pages or contact the FPNY coordinator directly for questions and/or updates.
Welcome to the Future Pop New York (FPNY) Tour Webpage! More information can be found by navigating the menu at the top of the page! Information about FPNY events can be found on the FPNY Events pa…
JordanKZ 2019-03-18 05:27:41
Pointless question of the day, what's a song you don't want them to play at WT4?
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-18 05:33:06
A song that I don't like
Seri 2019-03-18 09:28:05
I saw that frog.
nocchisoulstealer 1
NeonEnigma 2019-03-18 09:29:36
When you see a frog you don’t announce it
Means I croaked
Seri 2019-03-18 09:40:04
JordanKZ 2019-03-18 12:12:11
It's the "I swear I'm not counting down the work days" show. After Monday, there's only 7 shitty work days left
Seri 2019-03-18 13:14:54
I'll be in NYC this Saturday.
But I know that feel.
Seri 2019-03-18 16:53:08
JordanKZ 2019-03-18 16:53:28
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-19 00:54:52
Hmmm I guess I hope they don’t play houseki no ame
nomless 2019-03-19 14:30:58
hi all :3 going to the Seattle show, area native and first time evar doing this
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-19 14:34:17
seattle will be fun
get there at 5am for maximum enjoyment
nomless 2019-03-19 14:39:22
lol but uh really? o.o
if anyone has links to resources that can help me prepare for what I'm getting into, I would love it. what to wear... where to get light sticks... etiquette stuff... >.>
NeonEnigma 2019-03-19 14:40:44
watch perfume no okite
👌 2
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-19 14:41:20
there will be no use for light sticks at a perfume show
nomless 2019-03-19 14:44:11
see, I know nothing
JordanKZ 2019-03-19 14:44:26
Yeah, lightsticks aren't a thing.
I'll be there too btw.
Look out for the British guy with all the cameras and no hair.
NeonEnigma 2019-03-19 14:45:11
achanwtf look for the guy with a 12 pack of kerns
JordanKZ 2019-03-19 14:45:25
Neon you aren't even there.
don't do this to me.
NeonEnigma 2019-03-19 14:45:31
Phych 2019-03-19 14:55:35
Is there any interest for a pre party for FPLA? I have a casual poll on the Perfume Fans Facebook group and, if enough people are interested, I'll make an official poll to gauge group number.
Seri 2019-03-19 14:56:57
No wonder the loveliver would think we need light sticks. @nomless also guilty
❤ 1
JordanKZ 2019-03-19 15:05:23
Seri-san kashiwow
Seri 2019-03-19 15:23:46
kaas 2019-03-19 15:24:23
I was wondering if anyone else going to sj show wanted to meet up 👀💦
JordanKZ 2019-03-19 15:24:37
a few folk are from here.
check the spreadsheet
in pins
kaas 2019-03-19 15:25:40
You telling me to dm them directly?
JordanKZ 2019-03-19 15:25:48
no no
just, they're there?
find them nocchigrin
kaas 2019-03-19 15:25:57
JordanKZ 2019-03-19 15:26:02
IRL nocchigrin
kaas 2019-03-19 15:26:42
nocchikmn I see
Seri 2019-03-19 15:41:22
Well we still don't have Dallas plans. (edited)
Grandolin 2019-03-19 15:41:33
Seri 2019-03-19 15:41:44
Other than Omajanai.
Grandolin 2019-03-19 15:42:09
I just told my friends that we would likely go early to hang out with cool people
Seri 2019-03-19 15:42:46
Well part of that is accurate.
JordanKZ 2019-03-19 15:42:56
cool person here.
its like my fourth show, I have no idea what I'm doing at the second one yet...
Grandolin 2019-03-19 15:43:23
Seri 2019-03-19 15:43:51
It's my only show.
nomless 2019-03-19 15:44:13
you caught me seri
Grandolin 2019-03-19 15:44:44
Well, what are you doing out of your Pokeball?
Seri 2019-03-19 15:47:39
@nomless I see that Zura avatar.
nomless 2019-03-19 16:01:43
can't deny it... I am what a yam
ahiru 2019-03-19 16:02:24
vote @ #polls!
and have fun
Seri 2019-03-19 16:03:51
Im just a little demon.
Phych 2019-03-19 16:09:58
If you guys have any plans for SJ, Dallas, Chicago, or Seattle, let me know and I'll add it to the website so you guys can advertise it easier.
JordanKZ 2019-03-19 16:17:51
sounds great, @Phych
nomless 2019-03-19 16:21:21
@ahiru neeeat. duly voted
Jaxel 2019-03-19 21:53:11
Just so you guys know, apparently they dont allow umbrellas inside the NYC venue
Im bringing a cheap one in case it rain alot, just gotta leave it outside the venue
NeonEnigma 2019-03-19 21:55:41
OrangeDance lol rain
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-20 01:58:36
they dont allow a lot of stuff in the venue
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 02:53:26
Well worth researching
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 03:28:38
In other news, I specifically bought a shirt for the tour, and it hasn't even shipped yet.
GG random Japanese eBay guy.
That alternative is, they did ship it, didn't provide a tracking number, so I have to wait until an import tax slip arrives.
That usually adds like, 4 days.
Hanyuu 2019-03-20 03:30:39
Is there camera ban? At least in London I got staff all over me for taking few shots.
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 03:30:57
Anything above a point and shoot, yes.
Anything with detachable lenses is basically banned outright from most venues now.
Hanyuu 2019-03-20 03:32:34
Are bags required to be left in storage?
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 03:32:42
Hence why I bought a mental high end point a and shoot just for the concerts...
I'm not even taking a bag.
To any of them.
You take a bag, you lose your place in line.
gyudon_nau 2019-03-20 04:19:16
In London the photo ban was due to Perfume management rather than the venue
I guess it'll be the same in New York
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 05:06:44
We'll see... achanwtf
gyudon_nau 2019-03-20 05:23:55
It was the same for the first London show too
I think that they wanted people to have an authentic Japanese style performance
Which means no photos
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 05:25:16
Tfw you buy a £800 camera and you can't use it.
gyudon_nau 2019-03-20 05:25:30
They might have given up trying to impose Japanese norms on us filthy gaijin since then though
When I went to a babymetal show there were no restrictions
Jaxel 2019-03-20 05:52:00
You still got coat check Jordan, are you gonna wear your coat inside the venue?
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 06:10:19
Our hotel is 400m down the road.
I'm going to drop it off there before hand, and freeze for 30 minutes.
Seri 2019-03-20 06:29:07
They didn't do any of this when I went to Hammerstein.
Jaxel 2019-03-20 11:08:10
You wont be too cold, it'll be high 50s (edited)
Seri 2019-03-20 13:28:47
Update on Dallas.
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 13:28:56
it still exists?
Seri 2019-03-20 13:29:07
I'm getting a hotel with my ride/host so we can stay the night and not drive 3 hours back after.
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 13:29:14
and come to a shitty bar with us or something
Seri 2019-03-20 13:29:35
Just don't expect me to drink LOL
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 13:29:40
I don't drink either.
Don't worry about it
Seri 2019-03-20 13:31:27
Just keep me posted ahead of time so I can let him know.
Grandolin 2019-03-20 13:38:32
I defeinitely can't do anything after - still have to drive 3 hours back, and flight out early the next morning achandisgust
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 13:39:35
My flight to Seattle is the next morning. (edited)
I'm gonna be a wreck
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-20 13:45:59
High 50s? Yeah right
Seri 2019-03-20 13:54:40
I mean, that's basically what happened with me.
Unitl I got a room.
I would had to drive 3 hours back, and then back into Dallas the next afternoon.
Jaxel 2019-03-20 13:55:41
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-20 14:02:53
fake news
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 14:09:08
I only accept real temperatures, thanks.
Grandolin 2019-03-20 14:11:23
Geez, can you not subtract 32 and multiply by 5/9 nocchiseriously
what a loser
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 14:13:39
NeonEnigma 2019-03-20 14:25:51
@Snakz [Overcooked Legend] do you SEE this stuff
we’re drowning out here
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-20 14:26:05
we had rain like a couple weeks ago LOL
NeonEnigma 2019-03-20 14:26:32
I went outside during class for a break and got destroyed lmfao
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-20 14:34:01
Seri 2019-03-20 15:20:16
Just ordered some new shades for Dallas.
🇫 3
🇩 3
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-20 15:22:22
🇦 3
JordanKZ 2019-03-20 16:18:23
shades 😎
NeonEnigma 2019-03-20 16:27:25
Seri 2019-03-21 15:36:40
My shades just shipped.
Grandolin 2019-03-21 15:37:31
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-21 15:38:00
nocchiproud shady
nocchikmn but what about your hand
JordanKZ 2019-03-22 04:02:44
WT4 goods announced
<Other than the Toronto> 【1】Photo T-shirt size:S / M / L / XL   USD $35 each 【2】Tour Pamphlet (Include an extra English insert)  USD $25 【3】Logo T-shirt size:S / M / L / XL / Ladies   USD $35 each 【4】KATAKANA T-shirt size:S / M / L / XL / Ladies   USD $35 each 【5】FP Towel   USD $20 【6】FP Tote Bag   USD $15 【7】FP Pouch   USD $20 【8】Jacket Collection (1 of 67 badge variations is in each blind bag by random)   USD $5 【9】WORLD LSG19 (T-shirt with special package. This will include an invitation code for joining Perfume's world fan club) size:XS / S / M / L / XL   USD $50 each <Toronto> 【1】Photo T-shirt size:S / M / L / XL   CAD $40 each 【2】Tour Pamphlet (Include an extra English insert)  CAD $30 【3】Logo T-shirt size:S / M / L / XL / Ladies   CAD $40 each 【4】KATAKANA T-shirt size:S / M / L / XL / Ladies   CAD $40 each 【5】FP Towel   CAD $25 【6】FP Tote Bag   CAD $20 【7】FP Pouch   CAD $25 【8】Jacket Collection (1 of 67 badge variations is in each blind bag by random)   CAD $7 【9】WORLD LSG19 (T-shirt with special package. This will include an invitation code for joining Perfume's world fan club) size:XS / S / M / L / XL   CAD $65 each
Cheaper to buy stuff in Toronto for me
JordanKZ 2019-03-22 04:13:08
Surprised they aren't selling the hoodies, tbh
Probably a weight thing
Grandolin 2019-03-22 04:13:33
fat-shaming sweatshirts kashiupset
JordanKZ 2019-03-22 04:16:27
Seri 2019-03-22 07:00:38
I guess I should buy the fanclub shirt oops
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-22 08:34:31
Those are good prices for toronto
Man the photo tee is terrible
Hope I can just get the English insert for free since I got the tour pamphlet
Jaxel 2019-03-22 09:04:28
Hope theres still merch left after the show
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-22 14:00:17
ok thanks i forgot to ask about what it might be
also yeah im buying my stuff in toronto
see i knew they would sell the PTA shirt without having to pay shipping nocchigrin
Seri 2019-03-22 14:26:53
I only have one place to buy merch oops
Unless someone going to both NYC and Dallas wants to hook me up.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-22 14:27:22
just buy at dallas
Jaxel 2019-03-22 14:37:26
Was hoping there would be posters
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-22 14:37:46
theres never been posters.
Jaxel 2019-03-22 14:38:07
I know nothing nocchishrug
JordanKZ 2019-03-22 14:49:44
Nothing smugyuka
Grandolin 2019-03-22 14:50:06
Just hang the towel on your wall
that's close enough to a poster
JordanKZ 2019-03-22 14:50:50
I literally have a stack of posters I need to frame
and hang up
Seri 2019-03-22 14:55:33
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-22 14:55:57
i have 4 posters up and the rest rolled up
Jaxel 2019-03-22 19:31:32
I have a stack of 11 Twice posters I need to put up on my wall, but I'm lazy
Grandolin 2019-03-23 03:38:44
So, 22 posters?
kashieyes (edited)
Jaxel 2019-03-23 08:06:32
No Twice
Seri 2019-03-23 11:55:29
First in line for NYC. AMA
JordanKZ 2019-03-23 12:03:14
how cold is it? (edited)
Seri 2019-03-23 12:06:58
Like 50.
Because I'm American.
noki 2019-03-23 12:07:30
how long to the concert?
JordanKZ 2019-03-23 12:08:20
its 1pm there
so... 6 hours?
Seri 2019-03-23 12:09:05
You mean a week and 6 hours.
JordanKZ 2019-03-23 12:18:29
NeonEnigma 2019-03-23 12:24:43
achanohno wait how far away is la
nocchidepressed ow
I was like no way it’s 19th everyone’s already started going
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-23 12:30:36
He’s just there for a couple of days
Also spring of life is encore song for NY
JordanKZ 2019-03-23 12:31:13
Yeah, because like most people know all the Japanese to that... achanawkward
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-23 12:31:34
They give out flyers with translations you knob achanawkward
JordanKZ 2019-03-23 12:31:41
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-23 12:32:07
I have all flyers from shows from CE I will find one and show you
Found WT3 NYC
CE Chicago
JordanKZ 2019-03-24 13:23:12
brb, spending my entire evening watching world tour BD's...
Jaxel 2019-03-24 13:27:31
Are those where those proshot videos of us concerts that ive seen on youtube are from?
JordanKZ 2019-03-24 13:27:38
pretty much.
they're all the WT/CE tour videos
tfw a~chan will shout "New Yooooork!" kashiwow
Jaxel 2019-03-24 13:29:30
kashieyes where might I find these full WT BDs?
JordanKZ 2019-03-24 13:29:57
oh, they're easily acquired, hang on.
Jaxel 2019-03-24 13:31:50
Thank you
Seri 2019-03-24 15:19:11
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-24 21:47:21
Seri 2019-03-25 16:58:42
Just go to Ichiran instead.
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-25 17:05:06
Is that a karaoke bar
I never heard of a bar that charges that much per head
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:25:26
It's rich niggas only
Take yo broke ass home
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-25 17:26:29
is anything going on with chicago
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:27:25
I haven't seen anything.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 17:28:09
niatea ichiran
Seri 2019-03-25 17:28:12
I'm too broke to go to NYC at all.
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:28:32
you were there like two days ago
Seri 2019-03-25 17:28:38
I mean yeah.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 17:28:42
Seri 2019-03-25 17:28:55
I should have just camped out.
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:28:59
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:29:54
I'm guessing nothing for Dallas since it's like 3 of us. Anything on Facebook?
Can go crash the weeb party
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:31:08
crash crash crash
Seri 2019-03-25 17:33:17
What time are y'all getting in?
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:35:10
I'll be in Saturday, around 4 or so
Seri 2019-03-25 17:35:17
May I suggest Round1 on Sunday?
Do some arcade stuff.
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:36:22
Could be fun. Though, if people are lining up at like 12
Like I'm sure they will be lol. Won't be possible
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:37:30
Seri 2019-03-25 17:37:35
We could always do it after.
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:37:36
we're doing 6am
Seri 2019-03-25 17:37:40
It's open till like 1.
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:39:20
6 am? Bet
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:39:44
my biggest worry is Seattle. I don't know anyone going, and its GA.
like, if I have to go to the toilet... or eat.
its a bit of an issue.
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:40:22
Kinda wish I was going in that Friday. I'm taking the Greyhound up there, so my schedule is pretty tight
I'll have a bit of time to screw around Saturday, but that's pretty much it
Just pee in a cup tho
Recycle to stay hydrated
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:43:57
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:45:48
Just a thought
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:46:05
need a big cup
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 17:46:41
oh the party for seattle is gonna be cool
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:47:21
I should just dish out for a Seattle ticket, quit my job, and hop on a plane
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 17:47:34
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:47:36
lets go!
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 17:47:42
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:48:09
I'll have enough money left for a couple $1 cheese burgers once I get there
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:48:20
Sustenance nocchigrin
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:48:56
Then I can just hitch a ride up to Canada
Get arrested. Have them deport me back to Texas.
Beg for my job back.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 17:53:14
achansalute ez
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:53:31
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 17:53:49
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:55:23
Anyway, I can't wait to see Fusion. That choreography is 🔥
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:55:31
we aren't even sure it'll be there.
the stage setup required is nuts.
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:56:46
I will blame Amuse if they don't do it I swear on me mum
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 17:56:52
itll be there
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:56:56
ya mam?
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 17:57:02
just not in the way you think nocchigrin
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:57:14
I suspect the setlist will change slightly from Shanghai
subbing out one or two songs.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 17:57:36
hoping for spice or secret secret
or edge nocchigrin
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:57:54
Edge ain't happening.
they need the three displays.
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:58:03
Secret Secret would be pretty sweet
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:58:04
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 17:58:14
i mean they did it with story and that happened
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:58:28
My moneys on Toki no Hari
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 17:58:36
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 17:58:40
Di-metal 2019-03-25 17:59:34
Can you imagine the entire floor of people just glancing at each other out of the corner of their eyes
Still sweating from the last song
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 18:00:03
I'm going to be doing that anyway.
Di-metal 2019-03-25 18:00:52
Good. Don't make eye contact with normies. That's a good way to not make it out of Texas
And if someone says "How're yall doin today"
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 18:01:56
How fast?
can I outrun a gun?
Di-metal 2019-03-25 18:02:27
You aren't running from a gun. It's a lasso
Literally everyone has one
JordanKZ 2019-03-25 18:03:48
the only thing useful for a rope
Di-metal 2019-03-25 18:10:41
It's fine really. You just have to join the rodeo if you get caught
NeonEnigma 2019-03-25 18:37:36
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 18:41:04
Phych 2019-03-25 18:41:36
Anyone know if there's any official postings for meetups in Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, or San Jose?
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 18:42:16
nothing that i know of
i know Ray is in charge of seattle so might be worth it to ask him
Phych 2019-03-25 18:45:26
Thanks! I'll try to hit him up for info.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-25 18:48:00
Phych 2019-03-25 19:19:08
I've created a survey for everyone coming in to Los Angeles before the concert to see if any of you wanna have a gathering.
Di-metal 2019-03-26 12:22:43
Ahhh fuck
My PTO request got approved. I'm getting paid to go see Perfume lmfao
JordanKZ 2019-03-26 12:25:48
Wait. Isn't all time off paid?
I get unlimited paid leave...achanuhh
Di-metal 2019-03-26 12:35:35
Nah man. I'm a blue collar worker lol. Paid time off is actually really rare in this kind of position
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-26 12:37:55
Not everyone can be as privileged as you Jordan
Di-metal 2019-03-26 12:41:20
Hell, paid vacation isn't really a thing either
I get it here, but most places will just let you take a week off with no pay after you've been there a couple years
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-26 12:56:17
that was my old job
i could just take weeks off but no pay
Jaxel 2019-03-26 13:07:05
Paid to not work
I wish
JordanKZ 2019-03-26 13:18:59
Man. Wtf
These are like, basic requirements for a job in the UK.
Not the unlimited thing, but 26 days, plus public holidays.
noki 2019-03-26 13:26:44
nah mate that sounds like evil socialist ideas to me
pull yourself up by your bootstraps son
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-26 13:34:59
NeonEnigma 2019-03-26 13:46:26
achanstare goodbye hope of vacation
Di-metal 2019-03-26 17:19:06
For every year that I work here, I get a week vacation. So say after three years, I'll have 3 weeks to use for the year. And they roll over
JordanKZ 2019-03-26 17:19:34
what the fuck
I cannot deal with this.
I've booked 6 weeks off already this year.
Like, I realise, I'm privileged, and very lucky
but wow.
Di-metal 2019-03-26 17:20:28
Plus they pay for part of my insurance and match 401k up to like 10 grand.
My vacation time is actually pretty good. Like
1st year I get one week, 2nd year I have 2 weeks. It caps off eventually, but the guys that have been here forever get to take like a month and a half off every year
Seri 2019-03-26 17:29:05
I get 10 days.
JordanKZ 2019-03-26 17:29:32
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-26 17:29:59
15 here paid
Can take whatever unpaid after
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-26 17:32:33
achanawkward must be nice in the uk
except for one small thing
JordanKZ 2019-03-26 17:33:08
> Ruined economy
> Leaving Europe
> no Perfume
> the weather is shit
> people suck ass
> our food is incredibly hit and miss
> but at least people don't pretend to be nice.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-26 17:33:46
Di-metal 2019-03-26 17:35:24
Also No freedom
Seri 2019-03-26 17:36:42
Yeah I get as much unpaid as I want.
NeonEnigma 2019-03-26 17:40:54
achanwtf if you dont grow up here or have bad social skills conversations are a nightmare
kashiwhat ive obviously taken things the wrong way
Jaxel 2019-03-27 19:07:17
Prince several of us here are going to the NYC concert (edited)
Sheet1 Username,IRL Name (if comfortable),New York - 30th March,Toronto - 2nd April,Chicago - 5th April,Dallas - 7th April,Seattle - 10th April,San Jose - 17th April,Los Angeles - 19th April,Notes JordanKZ,Jordan,Will probably be searched at every airport he enters. Grandoli...
Phych 2019-03-27 19:22:31
There's a meet up for FPNY in the works if anyone's interested
Di-metal 2019-03-27 19:35:35
There's a meetup in my pants
And you're all invited
Jaxel 2019-03-27 19:37:08
Wait is there some kind of Dallas meetup?
Seri 2019-03-27 19:37:18
I'm sorry my hand only goes in my own pants.
And I dunno. I'm up for whatever.
Di-metal 2019-03-27 19:39:35
Jaxel 2019-03-27 19:41:00
I think I'm just gonna try to get as much sleep as possible the night before
Seri 2019-03-27 19:41:58
I think we all are.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-27 19:43:06
Di-metal 2019-03-27 19:46:52
Freak duck aliens
NeonEnigma 2019-03-27 19:51:19
Jaxel 2019-03-27 19:54:12
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-27 20:02:47
Di-metal 2019-03-27 20:04:18
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-27 20:25:36
@Phych information for seattle after party is up
nocchisalute 1
Phych 2019-03-27 20:32:11
Rgr. I'll add it to the website when I get some free time. Thanks!
Phych 2019-03-27 21:19:19
Click here to register via Facebook FPSea’s pre-concert meetup will be held at Dragonfish Asian Cafe (722 Pine St, Seattle, Washington 98101) on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 10:30 PM – 12:30 AM!…
nocchithumbs 1
Grandolin 2019-03-28 03:09:17
If we do some kind of meetup in Dallas (figured we might have an informal grab lunch or something), someone dm so I can force my friends to come up earlier achansalute
Phych 2019-03-28 03:10:10
If you guys wanna advertise it in the website just lemme know
JordanKZ 2019-03-28 04:00:57
@Grandolin sounds good. I'll certainly ask my bunch, see if they're interested.
Grandolin 2019-03-28 04:01:13
JordanKZ 2019-03-28 05:59:41
Flight is happening (soon)
achanhappy 1
noki 2019-03-28 06:06:09
budget airlines nocchithinking
JordanKZ 2019-03-28 06:08:36
I'm in premium. kashiheh
It's barely premium.
noki 2019-03-28 06:10:00
premium on budget = economy on full-service airlines nocchigrin
JordanKZ 2019-03-28 06:16:36
I should have downloaded a bunch of Kizuna Ai videos to freak out the normies sat next to me
Hanyuu 2019-03-28 06:25:34
Almost 9h flight waiting
Seri 2019-03-28 11:37:28
I just booked my flight oops
ahiru 2019-03-28 13:44:24
@Hanyuu have you listened to their whole discography already?
Prince 2019-03-28 14:11:08
anyone going to the NYC concert alone or their first time? it's gonna be my first time ever going to a concert and i'm anxious.
also were we talking about brazilians in here? i'm brazilian too...
Jaxel 2019-03-28 14:12:32
I'm going alone and dont worry you will be fine, just make sure to drink enough water before going g in but not too much so you dont have to pee
You got seats or standing floor?
Prince 2019-03-28 14:15:41
you're going alone to the NYC one? i got standing floor.
Jaxel 2019-03-28 14:18:24
Yes I'm sleeping outside the venue overnight lol
JordanKZ 2019-03-28 14:38:38
They have allowed me inside the country.
Jaxel 2019-03-28 14:39:11
Oh no
JordanKZ 2019-03-28 14:39:28
I have no idea where Gyudon is.
Somewhere between immigration and me.
Seri 2019-03-28 14:40:36
What did you tell Customs?
JordanKZ 2019-03-28 14:42:31
Nothing. Returning ESTA.
Didn't have to say anything.
I was here like 2 months ago.
Seri 2019-03-28 14:45:44
You mean you were here.
Di-metal 2019-03-28 14:51:51
@Prince don't worry, it's just a lot of people. Should be a pretty decent crowd, though. Also, find some ear plugs. You can hear the music a lot better
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-28 14:54:24
Earplugs in general for concerts
Granted, doubt perfume will be that lous
I got tinnitus for not wearing earplugs
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-28 14:55:36
Tinnitus ain't no joke, protect those precious ears of yours
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-28 14:56:24
The first time, took about 6 months for it to go away randomly
Second time, got it from a long fire alarm
NeonEnigma 2019-03-28 14:56:50
achansg and dont listen to my mashups
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-28 14:56:50
Still ringing after about 4 mths
Di-metal 2019-03-28 14:57:12
I have tinnitus too. It's so fucking irritating sometimes
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-28 14:57:40
I still have very minute tinnitus in my left ear.. It has been 2 years... It doesn't go away
Di-metal 2019-03-28 14:58:01
I can go without noticing it most of the time, other times it's almost unbearable
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-28 15:00:11
I mean it's so minute that I don't even notice it most of the time, but whenever the ear gets covered, like say due to the pillow, it becomes bothersome
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-28 15:01:12
It's never unbearable for me luckily
Day to day I'm used to it
Only notice when I sleep
If I put in earplugs tho, it's usually enough to help sleep
Hard to sleep without earplugs
Debated on going to a doc
But from what I hear (or not), no real treatment
Just training to ignore it
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-28 15:02:40
Yeah, the hair cells can't regenerate..
Still it's good to take an audiogram test
Luckily my hearing came out completely normal
I've been cautious since then and haven't noticed any increase in the intensity
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-28 15:03:49
I can hear without issues
But I just have earplugs on me at all times now in case
Usually for band concerts
Last time I saw perfume, I didn't need it
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-28 15:05:49
Yeah, having earplugs is always a good idea
Di-metal 2019-03-28 15:06:02
I've been going to concerts my whole life, no real surprise that I have it haha. I always pass my yearly hearing test, though. So I think I'm good for the most part
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-28 15:06:05
Those 2 hours can make your life miserable
Di-metal 2019-03-28 15:06:55
But yeah, always wear earplugs for shows. The sound is better and you protect your ears a bit. It's a win win (edited)
JordanKZ 2019-03-28 15:08:34
I've had tinnitus for years...
Update, still waiting for Gyudon.
Seri 2019-03-28 15:08:57
JordanKZ 2019-03-28 15:09:15
His estimated wait was 45 minutes
Mine was less than 10 nocchigrin
Prince 2019-03-28 15:09:52
yall scaring me with this tinnitus shit
JordanKZ 2019-03-28 15:10:38
It's just a fun ringing you can never stop hearing.
Especially when you're trying to sleep.
Prince 2019-03-28 15:10:53
JordanKZ 2019-03-28 15:10:55
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-28 15:12:36
It's the mosquito sound on the phone if you ever heard of it
Di-metal 2019-03-28 15:12:41
Stop by a drug store, should be able to find a small pack of plugs there. If not, you can get the big pack and hand them out at the venue nocchiproud
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-28 15:12:48
Don't get those
Get the ones meant for concerts
Doesn't muff up the sound so high frequencies still get through
JordanKZ 2019-03-28 15:13:23
Or just go without and RUIN DAT HEARING
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-28 15:13:59
The earplugs at stores are fine for loud sounds like metal
Di-metal 2019-03-28 15:14:00
I just use the ones I use at work. Rated for 32db. Work pretty good. The worse the mix is, the better they are lol
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-28 15:14:06
But not for vocal based concerts
Di-metal 2019-03-28 15:15:30
Yeah, they're fantastic for rock shows. Bands typically have the bass so loud you can't hear the guitar
Seri 2019-03-28 15:17:27
I only wore earplugs for BM.
But that was really the only concert where it would be remotely necessary.
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-28 15:22:12
Oddly I was fine for bm
But I wasn't upfront
Di-metal 2019-03-28 15:22:58
Last show I saw was Toadies. Wore them there for sure
Seri 2019-03-28 15:41:01
I was midpack for BM.
Jaxel 2019-03-28 15:59:12
Yeah dont get the generic foam earplugs, get the ones specifically designed for concerts
Sp you guys dont think perfume will be as loud as a babymetal concert?
Di-metal 2019-03-28 16:05:47
Im betting on it being just as loud as any other show haha
Seri 2019-03-28 16:14:21
I normally do orchestra stuff.
Di-metal 2019-03-28 17:07:19
It'll most certainly be louder than that
kaas 2019-03-28 17:07:55
Concert earplugs are a thing?
This is my first concert like this too and now I'm worried for my ears lol
ahiru 2019-03-28 17:13:02
@kaas just go for it
you need to feel the destruction of your ears at least once
Di-metal 2019-03-28 17:15:25
Theyre also really good if you go in a group. You can actually hear the people you're with
Prince 2019-03-28 17:16:58
i mean i dont think a perfume concert will be that loud....
ahiru 2019-03-28 17:17:02
Perfume sound nightcore live
when they began Spring of Life I was nocchiorly
Prince 2019-03-28 17:17:29
though i'm already bad at hearing things lmao so rip me
oh god i love spring of life
ahiru 2019-03-28 17:18:37
Prince 2019-03-28 17:18:43
@ahiru are you going to nyc?
ahiru 2019-03-28 17:18:49
Prince 2019-03-28 17:18:54
ahiru 2019-03-28 17:19:04
I'm not touring this year
Di-metal 2019-03-28 17:19:34
I'm only going to one show, but I'm taking a bus
So I'm calling it a tour
ahiru 2019-03-28 17:20:14
Prince 2019-03-28 17:20:30
do people actually follow artists around on the tour? like go from one state to another?
ahiru 2019-03-28 17:20:48
some do
I know a few that'd do it
Di-metal 2019-03-28 17:24:49
A couple here are going to like 5 shows
kaas 2019-03-28 17:25:02
I wish my income can afford that 🙃
Seri 2019-03-28 17:25:17
I just dropped $400 on AX.
ahiru 2019-03-28 17:27:19
in 2014 I had a chance to see them at a photoshoot at Brooklyn bridge
my brother told me that we could visit there after the concert
I told him noooo I'm scared
Di-metal 2019-03-28 17:45:09
I have a feeling Nocchi will notice me in the crowd and take me back to Japan with her
Seri 2019-03-28 17:45:34
Di-metal 2019-03-28 17:46:02
To clean her house, ofc
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-28 18:02:44
She can use me as her vacuum
I'd sniff anything she wants me to
Di-metal 2019-03-28 18:03:26
Jaxel 2019-03-28 20:02:45
kaas 2019-03-28 20:27:46
hehe i got another friend to go w me to wt4 :3c
JordanKZ 2019-03-28 20:27:48
🇱 6
🇴 6
🇸 6
🇪 6
🇷 6
5⃣ 6
✨ 2
achansalute 3
kashisalute 2
kashiwow 2
kashiapple 2
nocchisalute 2
My timezones are broken
kaas 2019-03-28 20:28:36
\o/ have a good time everyone there!!
Di-metal 2019-03-28 20:30:45
Nice dox
kaas 2019-03-28 20:31:13
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-28 20:59:40
bunch of degenerates
Grandolin 2019-03-28 20:59:55
adthrawn 2019-03-28 21:24:46
aren't we pretty
Grandolin 2019-03-28 21:25:27
The prettiest
Di-metal 2019-03-28 21:25:36
Jaxel 2019-03-28 21:46:03
I heard something about encore songs being announced for NY and LA in reddit? (edited)
I dont keep up with news, can someone fill me in?
Phych 2019-03-28 21:47:01
Information and events for Perfume Fans attending Perfume concerts in North America
adthrawn 2019-03-28 21:47:28
NYC is spring of life with lyrics that may or may not be correct
Phych 2019-03-28 21:47:42
You can find all info relayed to me for all cities on that website
Including fan events, meetups, etc
Jaxel 2019-03-28 21:48:07
I fucking love that song
and thank you Phych
nocchisalute 1
My hype level just went over 9000
oh wait wait wait, this is different, its like a fan tradition. whatever still hyped
Phych 2019-03-28 21:52:15
We're still trying to figure out after party details, but it's a very good chance I'll be at Honda Ya. Same one from WT3rd. We're trying to see if there's interest in a pre party, but i haven't gotten much word. Fill out the surveys for either if you're interested.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-28 23:55:23
Honda ya is great nocchigrin
JordanKZ 2019-03-29 05:52:20
jet laaaag
I've been up for like 3 hours
had enough time to process this, new lens is banging for lowlight
kashiwow 1
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-29 05:55:28
nocchiproud so should I expect some fantastic photos?
JordanKZ 2019-03-29 05:55:51
Yes baby (edited)
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-29 05:56:39
nocchigrin finally those cameras will be put to good use for once
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-29 06:54:52
whats with those upskirt angles
noki 2019-03-29 07:15:32
He's practising for the show
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-29 07:15:41
Jaxel 2019-03-29 07:23:17
adthrawn 2019-03-29 07:57:28
status report, the water pressure in my hotel sucks
kashiupset 4
Seri 2019-03-29 09:00:26
Di-metal 2019-03-29 09:37:17
Damn dude, I can see individual bricks on that building
Jaxel 2019-03-29 09:39:36
empire state building, right down the street from the NYC venue
or not? idk never been to NYC so what it looks like right up close
yeah lol its not it, its way too small. im stupid
Di-metal 2019-03-29 09:44:27
Maybe he's just really big
legendarytaco 2019-03-29 09:56:25
Jaxel The Great nocchikmn
ahiru 2019-03-29 11:03:11
at least you have clean water
achansalute 1
Di-metal 2019-03-29 11:08:31
Grandolin 2019-03-29 11:09:33
You're making assumptions here
It's NY
the water is probably rats
Di-metal 2019-03-29 11:12:51
Yeah, even here tap water can vary from city to city
Grandolin 2019-03-29 11:13:33
everything is rats in NY
Di-metal 2019-03-29 11:13:54
Where I'm at now it's decent, clean but has an odd taste. Straight up tasted like chemical back in Pasadena
I just get bottled water
NeonEnigma 2019-03-29 11:42:37
My friend has to smack rats dead with a broom in his nyc apartment
Jaxel 2019-03-29 11:43:19
Wack a rat
Sound like fun
NeonEnigma 2019-03-29 11:43:24
Then again he used his washing machine as a fermentation station
ahiru 2019-03-29 12:00:42
I don't like to watch rats die
but, for some reason I salivate looking at a piglet
achanoops 3
they look so delicious
Di-metal 2019-03-29 12:02:49
noki 2019-03-29 12:22:05
adthrawn 2019-03-29 14:16:28
what's the line look like (edited)
Jaxel 2019-03-29 14:18:18
Theres a different artists show at the venue today
So whatever line there is, it isnt perfume fans
adthrawn 2019-03-29 14:22:09
there were perfume fans out there yesterday
Jaxel 2019-03-29 14:22:32
Shit already?
adthrawn 2019-03-29 14:23:02
couple of loons
Jaxel 2019-03-29 14:23:40
I hope they dont leave for like 10 hours and come back tomorrow and expect to skip the line
I'll be there at 2am
adthrawn 2019-03-29 14:24:01
I'm sure they will
Seri 2019-03-29 14:24:19
I mean I was there last week, and will expect to skip the line.
adthrawn 2019-03-29 14:25:07
I'm going to buy a chair at k mart or something and go out around 5am
Seri 2019-03-29 14:25:20
Photographic evidence.
Jaxel 2019-03-29 14:25:22
Foldable kind?
Any idea how much they are?
adthrawn 2019-03-29 14:27:18
not a clue
Jaxel 2019-03-29 14:28:11
And kmart is right down the street, I think il get one as well
adthrawn 2019-03-29 14:28:26
yeah it's at msg
more or less
Jaxel 2019-03-29 14:30:53
But doesnt open till 7 am...
adthrawn 2019-03-29 14:38:36
so buy it today
Jaxel 2019-03-29 14:41:00
I'm not there today lol. And I cant bring it on the bus
adthrawn 2019-03-29 14:41:08
Jaxel 2019-03-29 14:42:03
Di-metal 2019-03-29 14:58:45
Stick it under your shirt, they won't even know
Phych 2019-03-29 15:00:15
I've purchased a premium plan for the Welcome To Perfume World website. This'll make things much easier to navigate as ads have been removed. Updates have also been added to NY, Toronto, Seattle, San Jose, and Los Angeles. Check it out for events and info for Future Pop in your city!
Information and events for Perfume Fans attending Perfume concerts in North America
Seri 2019-03-29 15:00:37
I still really want to do R1 for Dallas.
Di-metal 2019-03-29 15:00:59
Same. Need that Nocchi side bruh
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-29 15:08:45
Tfw not a 360 degree arena for nocchi to show her calves at you during a performance
Why bother
Di-metal 2019-03-29 15:09:10
NeonEnigma 2019-03-29 18:22:59
kashiheh tfw pta 12 fancam from behind the three
achanuh but i wouldnt watch it or anything
adthrawn 2019-03-29 19:02:18
anyone out on the line
legendarytaco 2019-03-29 19:02:49
not yet nocchigrin
adthrawn 2019-03-29 19:03:00
I'm going to grab dinner and then I guess go to bed. I bought a chair, figure I'll go out around 5 or 6 on the morning, after breakfast
legendarytaco 2019-03-29 19:05:07
I was out there about an hour ago didnt notice anyone in line
adthrawn 2019-03-29 19:05:28
I do wonder... what am I supposed to do when people line up, stop sitting in the chair?
what's the plan for that
I imagine at some point I'll have to abandon it or something
@Snakz [Overcooked Legend] youve been in the line before, at what point do you figure I'd have to stop sitting down in a chair
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-29 19:16:36
Like an hour and a half before the show
adthrawn 2019-03-29 19:17:07
oh ok, good
Di-metal 2019-03-29 19:24:10
I'm guessing you just ditch the chair?
Grandolin 2019-03-29 19:24:33
Give it to a hobo
Phych 2019-03-29 19:24:38
FPNY fan meetup is starting
adthrawn 2019-03-29 19:25:50
I thought it started at like 6
1no 1
adthrawn 2019-03-29 20:26:45
@JordanKZ I'm heading out at 5,get breakfast at Dunkin again, then go. to the line. that's my plan anyway
legendarytaco 2019-03-29 20:39:16
I saw people outside the venue but it looks like there's an event tonight. Anyway, if you see a line tomorrow morning... Let Me Know nocchigrin
gyudon_nau 2019-03-29 20:40:14
I checked the venue about an hour ago
Only saw Maggie Rogers fans
Di-metal 2019-03-29 20:47:51
Go introduce them to Perfume
legendarytaco 2019-03-29 20:48:27
tell them to go to dallas
Di-metal 2019-03-29 20:52:39
Come to Texas
Jaxel 2019-03-29 21:04:29
It worked for me
Di-metal 2019-03-29 21:05:40
Hey, did you ever get with Bogs about his extra tickets?
Jaxel 2019-03-29 21:05:59
He said he had already sold them
Di-metal 2019-03-29 21:07:01
Ahh, well at least there was a bunch left
Jaxel 2019-03-29 21:07:23
Yeah I bought it, just gotta print it out
If Dallas crowd is dead we gotta go extra harder
Di-metal 2019-03-29 21:10:15
I wonder if those who got seats will be allowed down on the floor
Which would be bs
Seri 2019-03-29 21:17:01
At Dallas? Nope.
Or at NYC?
Di-metal 2019-03-29 21:19:39
You should know that we don't allow cars in the cities
Gotta rent a horse
Jaxel 2019-03-29 21:26:31
So that's why all my uber rides were on horseback in Dallas
Di-metal 2019-03-29 21:28:05
You could says it's pretty
Seri 2019-03-29 21:28:17
If you take Lyft you get mules. Fun fact.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-29 23:18:46
Who’s here
legendarytaco 2019-03-29 23:23:33
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-29 23:24:45
Are you really
Like seriously
legendarytaco 2019-03-29 23:25:44
Is anybody really here? kashithinking
Yeah I'm here
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-29 23:25:59
Ok I’m done with this conversation
Phych 2019-03-29 23:26:07
There's is no spoon
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-29 23:26:09
Wtf where are you
Are you in line or like
Di-metal 2019-03-29 23:26:48
Yall are here? Wtf
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-29 23:27:13
Ok why can’t anybody give me a straight answer I hate you guys
legendarytaco 2019-03-29 23:27:20
I'm 6 minutes away from the venue nocchigrin
Di-metal 2019-03-29 23:27:29
How did you find me
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-29 23:27:50
@legendarytaco come to the venue
legendarytaco 2019-03-29 23:28:30
Now? where are you?
Di-metal 2019-03-29 23:28:48
He's here
But hey, hope yall have a good time. Enjoy the show
legendarytaco 2019-03-29 23:30:38
Di-metal 2019-03-29 23:30:45
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-29 23:31:40
Yeah I’m in line lol
Come say hi
legendarytaco 2019-03-29 23:32:08
do you have a chair?
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-29 23:33:38
No chair lol
legendarytaco 2019-03-29 23:33:53
I'm not going now but if I'm nearby I'll be sure to wave achanwave
achanwave 1
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-29 23:34:01
legendarytaco 2019-03-29 23:35:01
how many in the line?
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-29 23:44:40
I’m 25th and there’s two people behind me
nocchithumbs 1
So 27
adthrawn 2019-03-29 23:45:02
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-29 23:48:25
Oh good morning
achanwave 1
adthrawn 2019-03-29 23:50:05
is there even a point for me to line up with that many people there
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-29 23:57:22
@adthrawn you can come at 6. I don’t see it increasing anytime soon
adthrawn 2019-03-29 23:58:22
I might as well come. it's either 4 more hours in this shitty bed or just tack 4 hours in a chair
I'm going to take a quick shower, then come down. I'll grab some coffee at Dunkin assuming it's open
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-30 00:01:32
Ok cool
adthrawn 2019-03-30 00:04:21
great, my foot is still in total pain when I walk on it
fan fucking tastic
Di-metal 2019-03-30 00:08:25
Damn, what happened?
adthrawn 2019-03-30 00:12:22
fat happened achanyaoming Sudoku yukaface2 Sudoku
Jaxel 2019-03-30 00:23:36
I'll be there in like 40 minutes
legendarytaco 2019-03-30 00:26:46 anyone from new york? or did we all travel here just to see perfume?
Jaxel 2019-03-30 00:27:39
Just to see perfume
adthrawn 2019-03-30 00:39:37
coming down, guess shops are all closed so
coffee will need to wait
Jaxel 2019-03-30 01:04:44
I'm here, 24th in line, a guy gave me a card
adthrawn 2019-03-30 01:04:56
dead ass
adthrawn 2019-03-30 01:37:07
what are the odds of me being robbed is I go to sleep out here
Jaxel 2019-03-30 01:48:39
Are you the one in the red chair?
adthrawn 2019-03-30 01:48:49
yeah yukaface2
Jaxel 2019-03-30 01:49:14
I'm the one laying down on the babymetal towel at the end of the line
adthrawn 2019-03-30 02:18:30
oh rip, I'm heading back to hotel to rest
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 03:02:32
@Jaxel has the line gotten bigger?
Shit man, already in the 20s.
Jaxel 2019-03-30 03:59:35
29 people now I think
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 04:00:57
I've probably already walked past you, or talk to you, @Jaxel
British guy, black hoodie!
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 04:01:33
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 04:01:40
Very bald
Jaxel 2019-03-30 04:03:02
Saw you you were right in front of me
Very bald
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 04:03:13
Are you laying down?
Jaxel 2019-03-30 04:03:34
Yes, red blanket
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 04:03:40
Hope the experience didn't scar you too much.
Jaxel 2019-03-30 04:04:19
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 04:08:27
nocchiproud 14 hours to go
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 04:08:44
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 04:10:01
nocchigrin how about a photo
adthrawn 2019-03-30 04:25:00
@JordanKZ hey @Snakz [Overcooked Legend]
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-30 04:25:33
Trying to doze off
adthrawn 2019-03-30 04:26:03
oh, was gonna ask if you wanted breakfast achanyaoming
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-30 04:26:35
Oh yeah I do. Let’s get McDonald’s nocchisalute nocchigrin
adthrawn 2019-03-30 04:27:02
but Dunkin
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-30 04:27:11
I’ll go with you to Dunkin but I want McDonald’s
adthrawn 2019-03-30 04:27:33
is Jordan awake
I'm coming down, we talk
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-30 04:29:10
Yeah he’s in line
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 04:31:34
@adthrawn sorry!
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-30 04:41:52
You better be
xiami 2019-03-30 07:53:26
adthrawn 2019-03-30 07:58:29
pulls out meat sceptar?
Jaxel 2019-03-30 08:06:35
You find any bathrooms nearby @adthrawn ?
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-30 08:32:58
Across the street
5 guys has one and the cafe does too
Chipotle has one too
Im sitting literally right next to you lmfao just ask me
adthrawn 2019-03-30 08:34:46
I just told him you mong
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-30 08:35:32
Oh lmao
Seri 2019-03-30 09:40:07
Don't die nerds.
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 09:41:01
Don't kill anybody losers (edited)
Di-metal 2019-03-30 09:41:02
Drink plenty of water
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 09:41:54
nocchikmn yeah and then, bathroom time mid concert
Di-metal 2019-03-30 09:43:44
It's important
adthrawn 2019-03-30 09:46:36
I was trying to close my eyes but I keep waking back up
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-30 09:47:06
nocchisalute nocchispaceout yukaface2
I’m making fun of Jordan
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 09:47:34
adthrawn 2019-03-30 09:47:39
where did he go
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 09:47:40
That's my wet dream
Making fun of him irl
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-30 09:48:57
Idk to the hotel
Spark 2019-03-30 11:29:23
Oh shit I'm in the cool club now
nocchisad 1
All those fake fans can't get in
nocchikmn 1
Grandolin 2019-03-30 11:31:04
Di-metal 2019-03-30 11:31:36
Damnit he got in
AksumkA 2019-03-30 11:37:32
anyone know if hammerstein will have a bag/coat check today?
Di-metal 2019-03-30 11:54:17
Tryna sneak in them drooogs
AksumkA 2019-03-30 11:59:35
lol, i want them to hold on to em while i'm in the show. don't want a backpack with me ya know
adthrawn 2019-03-30 12:00:38
AksumkA 2019-03-30 12:10:34
iggt, good looks 😛
adthrawn 2019-03-30 12:41:19
@JordanKZ that guy still lurking? snakz literally taking forever
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 12:41:58
@adthrawn think he just left. You at the hotel? (edited)
adthrawn 2019-03-30 12:42:14
yeah snakz taking a shower
he's almost done, shower is off
be back shortly.
when do you want to come up and deposit chair get tickets?
4? 5?
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 12:45:03
I'll come at 4
adthrawn 2019-03-30 12:45:34
ok. cool.
pta booth out there yet?
need to deposit my gift
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 12:47:44
Nothing yet
xiami 2019-03-30 15:16:01
I see there are three waiting area.. which one is for the GA?
adthrawn 2019-03-30 15:17:27
they all are
that's just the queue of when people got here
xiami 2019-03-30 15:18:20
AksumkA 2019-03-30 15:19:00
Line end for anyone who cares
adthrawn 2019-03-30 15:19:42
I can't see me
AksumkA 2019-03-30 15:22:21
My bad. Too late
kevinflo 2019-03-30 17:17:40
Just wanna say have fun in New York everybody who's there! achansalute kashisalute nocchisalute
adthrawn 2019-03-30 17:19:27
kashigasm4 kashigasm5
AksumkA 2019-03-30 17:23:47
adthrawn 2019-03-30 17:26:36
kashigasm1 kashigasm2 kashigasm3 kashigasm4 kashigasm5 kashigasm6 kashigasm7 kashigasm8 kashigasm9
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-30 17:35:26
Do you all hate each other yet
adthrawn 2019-03-30 17:45:44
front row
Di-metal 2019-03-30 17:46:01
Hell yeah
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-30 17:51:11
Sniff for me pls
Front row better be splash zone
Di-metal 2019-03-30 17:52:26
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 17:53:25
nocchiproud luft strikes
NeonEnigma 2019-03-30 17:55:07
KILL us all
how did you guys get front row? just being early or tickets?
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 17:57:21
Getting early
These shows don't have seat reservations
NeonEnigma 2019-03-30 17:57:42
kashiwhat I could skip classes
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 17:58:00
nocchikmn you'll have too
NeonEnigma 2019-03-30 17:58:10
ace is at like 8pm
kashieyes yeah ill just turn in my hw late
or early
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 17:58:29
You'll have to queue like 16 hours ago
NeonEnigma 2019-03-30 17:58:39
yuka q 16 hours before 8 pm
4 am allah
Di-metal 2019-03-30 17:59:09
She don't even know it
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 17:59:18
Yes, at least 16 hours before.. Otherwise you won't make it to the front row
NeonEnigma 2019-03-30 17:59:29
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 18:00:46
There are some pretty dedicated fans... Like 16 hours ago, there were already like 24 fans queueing for the show
As said by thrawn
NeonEnigma 2019-03-30 18:01:18
even with electronic ticket seating?
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 18:02:37
I don't know about the balcony seatings, but there's no reservations for the arena for sure
NeonEnigma 2019-03-30 18:02:51
kashiwhat even if the ticket has a seat
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 18:03:10
Arena is all standing
NeonEnigma 2019-03-30 18:03:19
achansg even in ace theatre
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 18:03:28
You'll have to check it
NeonEnigma 2019-03-30 18:03:40
kashiheh i'll wait as long as it takes
kashiwhat problem is will my dad let me
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 18:04:35
Of course, it's gonna be a worthy experience, better make it as enjoyable as possible
NeonEnigma 2019-03-30 18:04:49
kashinod but does he think its worthy
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 18:04:54
Ah, why not take your dad with you
Wait I think ace has already sold out
I'm not sure
Di-metal 2019-03-30 18:05:42
You know what isn't sold out
Seri 2019-03-30 18:08:51
Dallas m
I'm gonna try and get there earlyish.
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 18:10:00
I don't think bomb factory is even going to sell out
noki 2019-03-30 18:13:25
I prefer concerts with seating tbh
Di-metal 2019-03-30 18:23:36
Same, I'll probably get up at 6 and grab some breakfast
Then head over to the venue
Seri 2019-03-30 18:53:25
I gotta see what time my ride can get me there.
DEADLY-K2001 2019-03-30 18:54:04
nocchigrin A Porsche will take you there in no time
Di-metal 2019-03-30 18:55:06
I think Jaxel is staying at the same place I am, so I'll see if he wants to line up
Seri 2019-03-30 19:00:58
I might take advantage of you guys and just skip.
Di-metal 2019-03-30 19:03:12
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 20:45:02
Holy shit.
@Kanosis a~chan looked me dead in the eye, smiled and waved at me.
nocchiwow 3
NeonEnigma 2019-03-30 20:46:47
Waveachanuhh (edited)
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 20:46:48
Took a bunch of photos. I'll go through them before I go to bed
achanhappy 2
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-30 20:47:31
Uh oh, that sounds potentially lewd
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 20:49:20
My heart literally skipped a beat.
adthrawn 2019-03-30 20:49:41
I think i took like 200+ pics of Yuka
Yuka looked at me.... so much
kashiwow 1
Seri 2019-03-30 20:50:19
I'm so jealous.
kashiupset 1
Guys get me in front for Dallas.
Or else.
Di-metal 2019-03-30 20:50:41
Oh we're getting front
Seri 2019-03-30 20:50:42
I'll shave my beard
adthrawn 2019-03-30 20:50:52
Yuka kicked at me
nocchiorly 1
Di-metal 2019-03-30 20:50:52
Best believe that
adthrawn 2019-03-30 20:50:57
noki 2019-03-30 20:51:26
any old songs?
adthrawn 2019-03-30 20:51:43
Eh a couple
NeonEnigma 2019-03-30 20:52:10
@adthrawn how were the looks
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-30 20:52:25
How were their legpits
achanyaoming 2
Jaxel 2019-03-30 20:52:26
Idk about you but I swore achan looked at me noticed i was smiling and smiled
Di-metal 2019-03-30 20:52:32
I'm guessing no Perfect Star
Seri 2019-03-30 20:52:37
I need to see Yuka like now.
adthrawn 2019-03-30 20:53:18
Yuka smiled at me, a lot. she kicked at me. I'm shook
Jaxel 2019-03-30 20:53:44
Fake it was fucking great
NeonEnigma 2019-03-30 20:53:48
achanuhh wtf man
Jaxel 2019-03-30 20:54:31
Jump jump jump jump jump
Seri 2019-03-30 20:55:01
I need to make this work.
adthrawn 2019-03-30 20:56:54
I'm sorry for all the short people behind me
@Mod are pictures of mc spoilers?
Seri 2019-03-30 20:57:29
You can still spoiler tag them.
Jaxel 2019-03-30 21:02:32
That was amazing
noki 2019-03-30 21:02:49
@Somebody Get Me A Taco oi
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 21:09:51
I got 52 usable photos.
Editing now.
adthrawn 2019-03-30 21:12:05
any daki pics?
Somebody Get Me A Taco 2019-03-30 21:14:02
noki 2019-03-30 21:14:55
legendarytaco 2019-03-30 21:15:17
@Somebody Get Me A Taco it was the best thing...
Somebody Get Me A Taco 2019-03-30 21:15:28
アマツグ 2019-03-30 21:16:31
That was an amazing show, I'm speechless. Can't wait for the next tour
Seri 2019-03-30 21:16:55
I can't wait until I see them next.
And by next, I mean a week.
legendarytaco 2019-03-30 21:19:32
@Somebody Get Me A Taco kashiapple
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-30 21:26:05
Setlist was same as Taiwan
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-30 21:26:34
Is that good or bad
Di-metal 2019-03-30 21:28:38
Ah they did Fake It? Sick
ahiru 2019-03-30 21:36:05
@adthrawn use spoiler tags
Jaxel 2019-03-30 21:43:59
I cant wait for Dallas
Im just glad I wont be sleep deprived for that one and will have alot more energy
Di-metal 2019-03-30 21:44:49
Need them to come on stage in cowboy hats
Jaxel 2019-03-30 21:45:18
They are so amazing in person
adthrawn 2019-03-30 21:48:28
I'm not sharing anything then,
I'll wait
to difficult
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 21:52:36
please be excite.
nocchigrin 5
Right, quick and rough edits, but they'll do. These are shot on my RX100, not my actual big boi camera. So, please bear that in mind.
achanhappy 4
22 new photos · Album by Jordan Khoviteri-Zadeh
kashiapple 2
@ahiru can you please pin?
1yes 3
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-30 22:00:54
I see pitshots
Good thighs
Seri 2019-03-30 22:03:57
Sent those to a friend. achantea
Jaxel 2019-03-30 22:42:35
Oh I got a few good Yuka shots as well
adthrawn 2019-03-30 23:07:17
@JordanKZ still awake
xiami 2019-03-30 23:14:24
Di-metal 2019-03-30 23:18:16
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 23:20:56
About to sleep
adthrawn 2019-03-30 23:21:33
breakfast in the morning. 7/8am?
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 23:21:53
Yup. 8am. Let me sleep in a bit
adthrawn 2019-03-30 23:22:11
si, nighto. trains at 10
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 23:22:28
Hope you enjoyed the photos, we'll meet you in the lobby at 8 sharp
adthrawn 2019-03-30 23:22:37
JordanKZ 2019-03-30 23:22:42
Di-metal 2019-03-30 23:23:19
Yeah, you got some really nice shots. Ty!
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-31 02:59:07
ahiru 2019-03-31 07:07:31
Pinned a message.
Seri 2019-03-31 10:29:08
A week until I see Yuka.
kashisalute 7
NeonEnigma 2019-03-31 16:05:45
Seri 2019-03-31 16:18:22
This is relevant.
adthrawn 2019-03-31 16:18:48
Seri 2019-03-31 16:19:55
I mean it was.
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-31 18:28:34
adthrawn 2019-03-31 19:06:30
@JordanKZ @MyNameIsNeo7 i dont know if im going to come to dallas. so...if you have someone who might want a ticket, its not certain yet but, im like 50 50 rn
nocchiwow 2
nocchisad 2
JordanKZ 2019-03-31 19:07:03
Why thoooo? kashiupset
Grandolin 2019-03-31 19:07:51
Lt.Luftwaffles 2019-03-31 19:08:19
His heart can't handle another
adthrawn 2019-03-31 19:10:27
just keep it in mind if you know someone who might want to go, its not sold out atm, so could get a free ticket out of it
Jaxel 2019-03-31 19:12:21
is it a physical ticket? or one you have to print out?
adthrawn 2019-03-31 19:13:13
its a pdf, you can print it
Jaxel 2019-03-31 19:16:01
I have friend from another server that lives a 3 hour drive from Dallas and I talked him into going to see them. He hasnt bought his ticket yet
adthrawn 2019-03-31 19:17:47
ok, ill try to let you know by...thursday? is that enough time?
Jaxel 2019-03-31 19:18:03
Yeah, he planned on buying it at te door
adthrawn 2019-03-31 19:18:13
ok, ill keep you posted\
Jaxel 2019-03-31 19:20:54
Thank you
its a GA floor ticket?
adthrawn 2019-03-31 19:27:22
i think?
i think its all ga
Jaxel 2019-03-31 19:33:26
theres a balcony, idk if its standing or seating but it says not available
so i guess they got sold out or werent made available for sale
Grandolin 2019-03-31 19:33:53
I saw that, I just figured they were sold before I got tickets
adthrawn 2019-03-31 19:34:08
@JordanKZ , you seem to know more about this stuff
JordanKZ 2019-03-31 19:34:31
Not a clue, I thought it was mostly if not all GA for Dallas
Jaxel 2019-03-31 19:34:57
Yeah the balcony section is tiny
its like 170 seats total for balcony on the left side and back of venue, then there is nother section on the right that says "suite #1-8" and the rest is a huge floor
Snakz [Overcooked Legend] 2019-03-31 19:57:15
Seri 2019-03-31 20:42:10
Yeah that's GA.
Balcony would be labeled with seat.
NeonEnigma 2019-03-31 22:42:13
Is ace’s also a pdf?
Thats electronic right
Jaxel 2019-03-31 22:47:34
the ticket is in a pdf file, you print it out
NeonEnigma 2019-03-31 22:47:48
agh my dad's being a pain in the ass
cant come unless he sees all the people im with
Jaxel 2019-03-31 22:48:17
I think an electronic ticket would mean that you have it on your phone, so you have them scan the barcode in the app (edited)
is he driving you there?
NeonEnigma 2019-03-31 23:21:42
Forget it
I can’t come
I was so stupid to think this would work
Grandolin 2019-03-31 23:25:32
Don't give up Neon
NeonEnigma 2019-03-31 23:27:03
no I really can’t. dad won’t let me
noki 2019-03-31 23:27:20
yo wtf?
Jaxel 2019-03-31 23:27:37
Im so sorry Neon, is there really nothing you can do to convince him?
noki 2019-03-31 23:27:38
I can be your dad for the day
Grandolin 2019-03-31 23:27:46
to a public place with lots of people, not to a hidden rape dungeon
NeonEnigma 2019-03-31 23:27:47
Nothing I can do, we already talked
noki 2019-03-31 23:27:53
how far are you from the venue?
NeonEnigma 2019-03-31 23:28:25
A little less than an hour
noki 2019-03-31 23:28:44
NeonEnigma 2019-03-31 23:28:51
You don’t get it
I can’t
I hate this so much
Grandolin 2019-03-31 23:29:19
NeonEnigma 2019-03-31 23:29:25
Everything I want gets taken from me
I always have to live without the happy parts
I waited for this show for several months
everything was failing me, but at least I had this
I knew something would go wrong
Jaxel 2019-03-31 23:33:03
Thats fucked up man, I cant imagine what you must be going through
noki 2019-03-31 23:33:10
why did he suddenly change his mind
Jaxel 2019-03-31 23:33:53
He doesnt understand how much this means to you?
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:20:55
doesn’t understand
Or maybe does
But his reasons outweigh mine
If you look at it from my perspective yeah it’s suspicious as fuck
FORGET 4 am that wasn’t even a possibility (edited)
Grandolin 2019-04-01 00:22:07
That's really shitty, dude
DEADLY-K2001 2019-04-01 00:22:13
Wtf, he isn't letting you come to the concert?
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:22:16
DEADLY-K2001 2019-04-01 00:22:25
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:22:35
28 year old man from maryland buying a 17 year old a ticket...yeah i get it
it’s ok
makes it more fair for you
Why should i have gone and you not you deserve to go
DEADLY-K2001 2019-04-01 00:23:26
nocchikmn uh, hook up snakz to him
He'll be going to the LA one
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:23:52
Maybe i can have the ticket electronically sent
And go by myself and in the back that is my only chance
DEADLY-K2001 2019-04-01 00:25:40
nocchikmn the only way is to take him with you?
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:25:43
I get fucked over at every turn don’t I
Yeah, only way
Grandolin 2019-04-01 00:25:58
I'll buy your dad a ticket
if that means you can go
DEADLY-K2001 2019-04-01 00:26:05
Then do, it
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:26:10
Please man don’t do it
DEADLY-K2001 2019-04-01 00:26:15
Uh ace has been sold out
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:26:15
I’m tired of this
DEADLY-K2001 2019-04-01 00:26:17
Grandolin 2019-04-01 00:26:19
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:26:26
Every fucking time
I get screwed
Grandolin 2019-04-01 00:26:32
of course that one's sold out
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:26:33
No matter what
In all parts of life, I got screwed
But i will always be on the second hand road
And people will say “oh you can’t complain you got this” while I never get to have anything special to say I’m satisfied
I’ll live but I won’t be happy, because never achieving my dreams but no excuse to give up
DEADLY-K2001 2019-04-01 00:28:09
Look, you can figure this out... Fuck the front row now... I have an idea.... Take your dad to the concert, then let him meet with thrawn or snakz... Problem solved?
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:28:09
I’m tired of living like this
After i said they’re like 29 30 he said 0% chance he lets me
It’s over seriously
I give up
Every time i have hope i lose
I’m tired of it
Grandolin 2019-04-01 00:29:19
The fuck
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:29:23
Good luck to everyone going to the show
Grandolin 2019-04-01 00:29:39
Who cares how old they are
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:29:53
10 year old difference??
Grandolin 2019-04-01 00:29:55
I know I know
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:29:58
I don’t give a fuck
Grandolin 2019-04-01 00:29:59
I get it
DEADLY-K2001 2019-04-01 00:29:59
I mean, I get that he worries, but... Aarrggg
NeonEnigma 2019-04-01 00:30:02
But a parent i get