A source-based, rolling-release distribution for advanced users.

Lunar Linux is a fully customizable Stable, Fast, and Slim distribution which can install software directly from source code. Choose an install image for the correct architecture and have a minimal base system ready to build in just a few minutes.

Tune your compiler optimizations, build and install the applications you want with only those dependencies that you explicitly need, keeping your system fast, lean, and very efficient.

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. The release image is stable and extensively tested. Uses the stable release of the Lunar core package manager.

Testing images created daily with the most up to date build chain, kernel, and Lunar package manager. May be unstable and prone to crashes, use at own risk.



Lunar is a source-based, rolling-release Linux distribution typically for advanced users.


Lunar Linux uses up-to-date, stable software with few changes from its original project.


Clear choices for optional software dependencies will ensure a system that only contains what is necessary.


Select custom software optimizations tuned to the host hardware for the quickest and most responsive system possible.


Lunar Linux is Open Source under the GPLv2 license, allowing anyone contribute updates and report problems via our GitHub project.


Our package management system is written entirely in Bash. It is lightweight, powerful, and easy to use.


Lunar is entirely volunteer based, but we make every effort to be available to talk to you. If we’re not there, please leave a message and be patient.